24/09/2019 06:30pm The Hive New Bridge Road

Us vs Them: Age Old Marketing vs Accounting

Singapore’s first-ever panel sharing that blends the best of
marketing with business accounting

Us VS Them Series is the first-ever sharing series dedicated to driving business growth by blending marketing with accounting. An event that aims to uncover the secrets behind successful B2B & B2C Marketing strategies along with a strong eye for best accounting strategies. Attending is crucial for all entrepreneurs, founders, marketers on the lookout for self-development, business growth hacking, upskilling, and unforgettable time with fellow entrepreneurial company!

Join us to…

Listen to cutting edge strategic sessions from the three industry leaders regarding – 2 dedicated topics – B2B/B2C Growth Marketing Practices & Best of Business Accounting Practices!

Overcome your challenges – our programme reflects the key challenges organisations that most companies face regularly. Topics covered in the sharing includes B2B Marketing Strategies, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Issuing Employee Stock Options Best Practices, Business Due Diligence & Best Taxation Practices!

Network with your peers by joining an audience filled with your fellow entrepreneurs or business marketers!

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