The Hive New Bridge Road

SupaWell Meditation with Delphine

Join the Hive and Delphine for this calming meditation.

During our 30 min classes, learn the basics of meditation and develop a solid practice that will allow you to regulate your mood and energy levels instantly.
Experience the SupaWell method manage workplace challenges, process mental clutter, reconnect mind and body for optimized performance and improve overall mental-emotional wellbeing.

The meditation class takes place @the Hive New Bridge Road, Level 4 – Meeting Room C
Please note that we only have 12 spots available.
Register here.

About the Instructor
Delphine Supanya Berger is a happiness cultivator and founder of Well to Work, a corporate wellbeing solutions provider. Since surviving stress-related complications at 29, she has been passionate about creating awareness on the importance of self-care to help professionals manage stress in order to prevent stress-related illnesses. She now designs wellbeing solutions, coaches individuals, and teaches SupaWell modalities, mindfulness, and movement.

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