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Online: Investing – A Beginner’s Guide

Ladies Finance Club is on a mission to help you get started with your investing journey so you don’t miss out on building your wealth. Their financial experts aka investing gurus are going to be breaking it all down so you can start building up!

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They will be talking about setting financial goals, why cash ain’t always king, compound interest, risk, diversification and more. This event will give you real-world practical information to help you get started your own investing journey… no matter what your salary. Ready to become an investing buff? #Boom yes you are!

📆  Date: 22 September 2020
🕒  Time: 6.30PM – 7.30PM (GMT +8)
📍  Where: Zoom & Facebook Live on the Hive Singapore
💳  Fee: Free

With house prices going crazy, when you need a small mortgage to afford your daily espresso, when there are bills to pay, brunches to be had and a deposit to save for, everything can seem a bit financially crazy. If you have always wanted to do more with your money and learn about this ‘investing stuff,’ then join the Ladies Finance Club! Now the world of investing can all seem very male, pale (and well a little bit stale), and full of jargon, but we believe learning about investing doesn’t have to be confusing, complicated …snoozeville stuff. In fact, it can be easy, fun, empowering and profitable when done right!

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