Online: Down the Rabbit Hole with Zat Astha

Online: Down The Rabbit Hole is an hour live streaming catch up on the Hive Singapore Instagram, where we ask various influencers about themselves, their booming businesses, as well as how they have coped during the Circuit Breaker, and what they have learned from it. The session is made to be fun, light and easy-going, as well as showing a little bit about the good and the bad, hence taking a leap Down the Rabbit Hole!

Date: Tuesday, 12th January 2021
Time: 5pm to 6pm (GMT +8)
Where: the Hive Singapore Instagram Live

In this session, we will be speaking to’s very own Editor-in-chief, Zat Astha as we learn more about himself, how he and his writing career coped during the Circuit Breaker, and what the future holds!

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