IG Live: Down the Rabbit Hole with Vess

Down the Rabbit Hole is a fun and easy-going catch up live on the Hive Singapore’s Instagram, where we chat with influencers about themselves and their booming businesses. They’ll take us Down the Rabbit Hole of the good and the bad!

📆  Date: Wednesday, 29 September 2021
🕒  Time: 5pm – 6pm (GMT +8)
📍  Where: the Hive Singapore on Instagram live
💳  Fee: Free

Vanessa Bong discovered her passion for illustration after quitting her full time job as a graphic designer and started Vess Illustration. Specialising in watercolour and gouache, her artwork has an organic, soft touch and has been used on murals, textiles, packaging, branding materials and more.

Dive down the rabbit hole with us to learn more about Vanessa’s journey on Instagram LIVE!

Take a look at some of her work here:

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