IG Live: Down the Rabbit Hole with Ifeoma Ubby (OliveAnkara)

Down the Rabbit Hole is a fun and easy-going live stream catch up on the Hive Singapore’s Instagram, where we chat with influencers about themselves and their booming businesses. They’ll take us Down the Rabbit Hole of the good and the bad!

This month, we will be speaking with the founder, designer, and creative director of slow fashion brand OliveAnkara – Ifeoma Ubby!

📆  Date: Wednesday, 26 January 2022
🕒  Time: 5pm – 6pm (GMT +8)
📍  Where: the Hive Singapore on Instagram live
💳  Fee: Free

OliveAnkara is a slow fashion brand that celebrates and focuses on African and Asian cultures, paying homage through iconic designs and styles synonymous with both.

Ifeoma Ubby, better known as Ify,  is the founder, designer and creative director of OliveAnkara. Born and raised in Venice, Italy, Ify’s love for African fashion blossomed early in childhood, for which her Nigerian family takes most of the credit. Within a tight-knit African community in Italy, she was exposed to the many facets of West African culture, from its traditions and folklore to the meaning behind its vibrant colours. 

Before starting OliveAnkara, she completed her studies with a PhD in Human Molecular Genetics at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, she first moved to Singapore to further her career with a Post Doctorate in Molecular Carcinogenesis at the National Cancer Centre. 

Her move into the fashion industry started when she noticed the absence of African culture in Singapore while trying to source African prints to make her wedding dress. She took on the responsibility of bridging this gap by founding OliveAnkara in 2017, which also rekindled her love for fashion. It wasn’t until 2019, buoyed by early successes and a growing loyal base of customers, that Ify turned her side hustle into a full-time career.

Driven by passion and her love for diverse cultures, Ify has centred her slow fashion brand around two core values: female empowerment and sustainability.

Dive Down the Rabbit Hole with us to learn more about Ifeoma and her slow fashion brand OliveAnkara on Instagram LIVE!

Explore OliveAnkara’s beautiful collection of clothes and accessories here:

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